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The Data-Driven Marketer’s Promise to Target Audiences

There’s a lot of back and forth about data. Some perspectives position it as the solution to a wide range of problems, while others find the level of information to be creepy or suspicious. To keep data on the up and up from a marketing standpoint, here six things a data-driven marketer should never do… Continue reading

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What Does Data-Driven Marketing Success Look Like? How One Targeting Strategy Yielded 200% Pipeline Goal Attainment

For all the buzz about data in marketing, there’s not always a lot of clear advice on spotting what works and duplicating the results. However, the role of data in marketing is exactly that – to illustrate what works, why, and how to repeat those wins. So what exactly does this kind of data-driven success look like? I recently connected with LiveOps’ Senior Director of Marketing, Tom Victory whose adoption of a data-driven targeting strategy resulted in an impressive 200% attainment of his projected pipeline goal. Here are some of the actionable takeaways he shared: Continue reading

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Why Data and Content? Seven Marketing Pros Explain the Connection

Data and content are two of the most significant trends in modern marketing. According to the 2014 B2B benchmark report by CMI and Marketing Profs, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, 98% of organizations plan to increase their use of data analytics for marketing over the next 12 months. Clearly, data and content individually have been cemented as marketing staples, but does that mean there’s an even greater potential in combining the two? To give you a holistic view on why data and content form a natural pairing for marketers, we’ve compiled seven tweetable takeaways from seasoned marketing professionals. Continue reading

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Data-Driven Discernment: How to Scrutinize Marketing-Speak

Marketing messaging can be a lot like Paul Rudd’s cologne in Anchorman, “60% of the time, it works every time–” even when it actually stinks. Citing a more accurate statistic, only 9% of business buyers believe vendor self-made white papers are trustworthy according to a survey conducted by the CMO Council. Comparatively, 67% of buyers reported trust in white papers created by third-party professional organizations. What’s worse, in a survey of over 1,200 CEOs, the Fournaise Group found that 8 of 10 CEOs don’t trust marketers. Clearly, there’s a trust issue, but how can marketers fix this problem? Moreover, how can buyers know when marketing messaging is actually trustworthy? Continue reading

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Aligning Data and Content for Multi-Buyer Demand Generation

In a recent Forbes post, Patrick Spenner shared research that there’s actually an average of 5.4 buyers involved in a typical B2B purchase decision. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a dramatic revelation, but for demand generation, where the battle cry of “right person, right message, right time,” is pretty much universal, the implications are still pretty heavy. This battle cry isn’t exactly wrong – when there’s only one buyer involved in a purchase decision, the purchase likelihood averages around 81%, but add just one additional buyer, and that likelihood drops down to 55%. It’s not just about “the right person,” anymore… It’s about building the right connections between the right people along with crafting the most effective messages for the most relevant times. So how do you build such demand generation programs that align multiple buyers for a purchase decision? In our latest infographic, you can see how data and content play a vital role in this multi-buyer demand generation reality.  Continue reading

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From Goat Rodeos to Tearing Down Silos: My Journey to Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer

Author Lisa Arthur is the Chief Marketing Officer for Teradata Applications, the leader in integrated marketing software. She meets with thousands of CMOs and marketing professionals annually through public speaking and events. Learn more about Lisa’s book, Big Data Marketing and follow her on  Twitter.

I’ve been a marketer since the mid 1980’s and experienced many of the challenges and triumphs that come with the territory. Sometimes a marketing department can feel like a goat rodeo. A chaotic scene where business executives come to the table with their own agendas and talk over each other instead of collaborating to bring talents and minds together. The scary thing is that it only takes two to get this goat rodeo started! Continue reading

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Ten Times the Results with a Tenth of the Crew: 3 Takeaways from Leads OnDemand’s Data-Driven Success

Many businesses benefit from creating revenue flow through lead generation and lead development activities, but for Leads OnDemand, their entire business is built on building lead generation and development for other businesses. With offerings so dependent on quality data, the company’s success alone stands as validation for the value of data driven marketing. However, with 98% of organizations planning to increase their use of data and analytics over the next 12 months, according to Aberdeen Group research, it seems data driven marketing has already been validated by the market, and now businesses need to be able to make the most of their investments in data. In that light, the success that Leads OnDemand has seen with Harte Hanks Market Intelligence helps to illustrate a few key ways businesses can maximize the returns on their investments in data. Continue reading

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Analyzing Content Marketing Chaos: Understanding Content Marketing’s Popularity through Data

In a recent post, Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Content Marketing for Kapost, suggested that the secret to content marketing success is to avoid getting comfortable. In short, the overwhelming adoption of content marketing by marketers has theoretically oversaturated attention spans for target audiences. Now, the only way to consistently stay relevant and top of mind is to continually innovate, adapt, and improve day in and day out. From a data driven marketing standpoint, such a dramatic phenomenon in content marketing must have some compelling data to illustrate the pattern, so we decided to do a little digging and here’s what we’ve found… Continue reading

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The New School of Data Driven Marketing: Do Your Targeting Efforts Make the Grade?

Whether remembering life at school triggers fond memories or even hard-learned lessons, as professionals, it’s difficult for us to argue with the results. From teachers actively pushing us to bring out our best, to report cards aptly reporting on our progress, school was a rare time when so much attention and effort was spent on our own personal growth. Today, as marketers, data rekindles that old scholastic spirit of growth by both equipping marketers for success in identifying valuable opportunities, and by driving improvement trough measurable benchmarks. With that spirit in mind, we created this Data Driven Targeting Report Card in order to help you grade your strengths and identify your opportunities for improvement in your target marketing efforts. Continue reading

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Evaluating Marketing Opportunities, Assumptions, and Results with Data

How quickly should sales follow up on a lead? Which days of the week are the best for communications? Which month yields the highest conversion rates? Questions like these help to inform marketing and sales processes, investments and initiatives, so the more precise the answers, the more effective the business decisions will be. In a recent study, Software Advice analyzed their own data to answer these and other questions to reveal some interesting results. Beyond just the study data, however, this inquiry into B2B buyer behavior demonstrates valuable data applications in how to identify opportunities, evaluate assumptions, and even chart overall effectiveness… Continue reading

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