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How does your performance compare to best-in-class?

Complete a brief survey to see how your company compares to best in class performers in each of the following areas. Each assessment takes under 10 minutes to complete. You will be rewarded with a free, personalized scorecard as well as a list of specific recommendations to help you improve your company’s performance.

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Sales Intelligence:  Prepare for Smarter Selling

Top-performing sales organizations are meeting the challenge of identifying the most likely buyers of their products and services through the deployment of sales intelligence solutions.  By empowering their sellers with better information about their prospect companies, markets and individuals, these firms maximize their chances of hitting quota while increasing their efficiency of their sales operations.   Complete this assessment to receive specific recommendations on how your organization can better leverage sales intelligence to achieve your revenue goals.


Optimizing the Marketing-to-Sales Lead Lifecycle

Top performing sales and marketing organizatons are deploying a variety of strategies to optimize lead management practices throughout the entire lifecycle of the opportunity; from Marketing’s demand generation campaigns to Sales’ closing the business. ¬† Complete this assessment to receive specific recommendations on the actions you can take to increase the effectiveness of demand generation, lead nurturing, and avoid lead pipeline leakage.

Data-Driven Marketing

Top performing companies are using data to drive decisions about strategy, tactics and effectiveness in almost every marketing decision they make.   In fact, they are nearly 3 times more likely to rely heavily on data to optimize their marketing performance.  Complete this assessment to receive specific recommendations on steps you can take to measure return, identify profitable channels and provide tangible justification for marketing investments.

Email Marketing in High-Technology Industry

Top performing high-tech companies are deploying a variety of capabilities and technologies to optimize email marketing as a prime demand generation vehicle.  Complete this assessment and receive specific recommendations on how to avoid customers opting-out while improving click-through and open rates.