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Solutions for Marketing Executives

As a technology marketing professional, you face the challenge of generating a steady stream of highly qualified leads for your sales channels while, at the same time, lowering your average cost per lead. Harte Hanks gets you to your goal faster by helping you reach new prospects who are most likely to respond to your message. Our superior insight will help you convert more prospects into leads by reaching the right contact with the right message at the right time – when they are most likely to purchase.

Harte Hanks helps marketing professionals achieve superior results by providing them with the following capabilities:

  • Highly targeted direct marketing and email marketing lists based on installed technology and propensity to purchase a specific technology solution
  • Turn-key email marketing programs including lists, campaign execution and back-end reporting
  • Highly customized telemarketing services including lead qualification, lead nurturing, contact discovery, event registration and appointment setting
  • Multi-channel demand generation programs incorporating targeted lists, email campaign and outbound telemarketing based on your specific requirements

A few of the many benefits Harte Hanks clients derive from implementing these solutions include:

  • Higher quantity and quality of leads by reaching new prospects not previously discovered through your own marketing efforts
  • Greater sales acceptance rates based on the additional insight into the prospect’s budget, need and timing that Harte Hanks provides
  • Improved productivity through outsourcing key marketing functions to Harte Hanks
  • Increased marketing ROI due to the effectiveness of highly targeted programs

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