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Harte-Hanks offers educational white papers to help you get the most from your investment in our products and services. Click on the title to download our most recent white paper.  No registration required!

Advanced Buyer Profiling: The New Model for Identifying Likely Buyers in Today’s B2B Technology Market

This paper outline an alternative approach to customer profiling that
collects and compiles information on:
• Installed technology
• Budgets
• Purchasing intentions
• Current IT vendor relationships
• Other traits associated with buying behavior

SoMoCloâ„¢at the Mobile Edge

Aberdeen research offers a strategic roadmap for SoMoClo – in which Social, Mobile and Cloud computing operate as a unified construct.  This whitepaper examines the emergence of SoMoClo as well as the essential role enterprise mobility plays in this initiative.

Discover the essential role enterprise mobility plays in the social, mobile, cloud environment. Download this white paper today!!


Cloud Technology is the Core of SoMoCloâ„¢

Aberdeen has been watching these social, mobile and Cloud trends for several years and has observed their growing convergence. These three computing revolutions are creating a new computing paradigm. The future is a converged computing infrastructure, which Aberdeen has termed “SoMoClo” to underscore the integrated nature of this single overriding trend. This whitepaper examines the emergence of SoMoClo, as well as the central role Cloud technology will play in this future.

Discover the core principles organizations will need to support the transition to the SoMoClo enterprise. Download this white paper today!!


Targeting the Market for Server Virtualization

Generating higher response rates and lead conversions using Installation and Purchase Likelihood Scores – only available from Harte Hanks. Learn how to effectively target the server virtualization market by locating those businesses most likely to be in the purchase cycle. This whitepaper offers practical insight as well as addresses:

  • Growth and opportunity in today’s server virtualization market based on May 2010 research study from the Aberdeen Group.
  • Proprietary methodology Harte Hanks has developed for scoring and segmenting the server virtualization market.
  • Generating 26% lift in campaign response rates using installation and purchase likelihood scores.
  • Selecting products or services most likely to appeal to various segments of the market.

Create a game plan that will optimize your marketing spend and generate high quality leads for your sales teams. Download this white paper today!!

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