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As a technology sales professional, you are tasked with finding new avenues for generating revenue while, at the same time, lowering the overall cost of sales.  Harte Hanks provides the sales intelligence you need to identify opportunities in the market place as soon as they arise, so you can get there before the competition.  Our superior insight will help you sell more efficiently and effectively, close more deals faster and increase your average deal size.

Harte Hanks helps technology sellers achieve superior results by providing them with:

  • A steady flow of highly qualified leads for your specific technology including approved budget, purchase time frame and primary decision-maker
  • Business profiles including technology footprint, IT spend estimates and buying plans – perfect for pre-call planning
  • Contact information for key business and IT decision-makers including location, phone number and email address
  • Territory planning and sales quota assessment based on market potential for your specific product or service
  • Sales appointment setting saving your valuable time for identifying prospect needs and closing the deal

Our clients derive a variety of benefits from implementing our solutions, including:

  • Shorter sales cycles based on a known need and decision-makers
  • Increased sales productivity because sellers spend less time prospecting and more time selling
  • Fewer missed opportunities from insight into your prospects’ purchase plans and timing
  • Larger deal sizes based on understanding all of the technology initiatives present at a location

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