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Marketing List Solutions

Marketing Lists from Harte-HanksReaching new prospects with a genuine need for your product or service is a challenge for any marketer. Harte Hanks can help you expand your reach more effectively by targeting businesses based on detailed information collected from thousands of interviews we conduct with technology decision-makers each month. This intelligence is combined with advanced modeling techniques to determine which businesses are most likely to be in the buy cycle for a particular technology solution. The result is targeting power beyond that available from generic prospecting lists, resulting in higher response rates, more pipeline conversions and increased effectiveness of your marketing programs.

Reach new prospects with targeted technology intelligence.

Ci TechLeads

Ci TechLeads are highly targeted direct marketing, telemarketing and email marketing lists that will get you to the right decision-maker at the right time for your specific product or service based on more than 350 technology selectors. Lists include contact information for key decision-makers with responsibility for purchasing technology products and services. Here are a few examples of the hundreds of lists available.

  • North American manufacturing locations with more than 100 PCs
  • Retail locations with $50,000 or more in IT spend annually
  • Locations who utilize Software-as-a-Service with more than 500 enterprise employees
  • Locations with the highest propensity to purchase a storage virtualization solution
  • Branch locations with a Voice-over-IP purchase initiative

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CI ListBuilder




Ci ListBuilder provides always-on access to the Ci Technology Database, which provides Marketing and Sales leaders with intelligence on the businesses and locations that comprise over 90% of the annual IT and telecommunications spend in the U.S, Canada, and Europe.

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