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Target Marketing Solutions

Target Marketing solutions from Harte-HanksDue to increasing competition and a rapidly evolving technology landscape, reaching the right buyer at the right time with your message has never been more important. Harte Hanks can help you take your targeting to the next level by identifying those businesses with the highest likelihood of purchasing your product or service.

Every day, Harte Hanks collects information on businesses regarding their installed technology footprint, IT budgets and staffing, and technology purchase plans. This intelligence is combined with advanced modeling techniques to determine which businesses are most likely to be in the buy cycle for a particular technology solution.

Locate high-value segments. Increase market penetration.

Harte Hanks offers a variety of solutions to help you hone in on the opportunities within the technology market.

Ci Technology Database

The Ci Technology Database provides intelligence on the businesses and locations that comprise over 90% of the annual IT and telecommunications spend in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Profiles include 65 descriptive fields; technology counts and primary manufacturers for more than 45 products and services; local and enterprise-level IT budgets by category of spend and IT staffing estimates; and, detailed contact information on information technology (IT) and business decision-makers with purchase authority. Integrate the Ci Technology Database with your CRM or use it to develop proprietary analytical models.

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Ci TechLeads

Ci TechLeads are direct marketing lists designed to increase campaign response rates based on more than 75 unique technology selectors. Lists include contact information for key decision-makers with responsibility for purchasing technology products and services.

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Installation and Purchase Likelihood Scores were developed to help marketers identify hot prospects in the market. These scores use proprietary Harte Hanks data to identify the business locations with the highest likelihood of having installed or planning to purchase a particular technology solution. Scores are available for more than 40 products and services.